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The easy way to dodge social media scams


Hyderabad: Social Media has its own set of unique risks, whether it’s phishing attacks, protecting corporate accounts from compromise, fighting fraud or defending against social engineering scams like impersonating accounts.

Social media accounts are susceptible to exploitation, probable attacks that can happen are (a) #HashtagHijacking (b) Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) & Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) (c) Pharming (d)Phishing and ClickJacking (e) Identity Theft and (f) Impersonation.

A few red flags:

Whether it’s a quick money or copy product or work from home or an impersonation or a quick job on social media, few red flags, that you should notice are:
* It sounds too good to be true
* Promising guaranteed with very high returns
* Pressure to buy/accept Immediately “Expires Today”
* Affinity Fraud – Advertisements by Paid Social Media Influencers
* You are paying in advance

A few social media frauds:

* Work from home frauds

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