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The G-7’s crime against humanity


While the media eagerly covered G-7 leaders glad-handing themselves and cheering the return of the United States to multilateralism at their recent meeting in the United Kingdom, a much darker side of the meeting was largely unreported or even reported as a positive outcome.

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Climate activists and their media allies were much chagrined that the G-7 would not agree on a fixed date to stop burning coal. Germany plans to burn coal until at least 2038. Japan is building new coal plants at home and financing them around the world. And despite the best efforts of the Obama-Biden administration, much of the U.S. remains reliant on coal and will be so for years to come.


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But don’t get the idea that the Biden administration supports coal or recognizes its value to the U.S. electric grid.

“At the 11th hour, however, Biden’s officials became nervous about the impact on domestic…

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