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The Great Reshuffling: How the real estate market exploded


Boise, Idaho is a great place to live. It’s got natural beauty, great weather, and friendly people. But wow, is something going on with the real estate!

Correspondent David Pogue asked Elisha Figueroa, “Is this your house?”

“It used to be my house!” she laughed.

Figueroa recently sold her house here, and the experience was incredible: “We had over 150 people walk through in two days, which is pretty mind-blowing. We had nine offers, half of those for cash. And I’m still here, because the buyer is allowing me to live here for five months rent-free!”

“Are you willing to share how much more than the listing price it finally went for?” asked Pogue.

“It was around $65,000 more than asking price,” Figueroa said, “but really, it was even more than just the money. They also didn’t require any kind of an inspection or an appraisal. They paid all of the closing costs. And you know, this was not an unusual offer.”

Elisha Figueroa is packing up the…

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