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The nuclear technology behind Australia’s Aukus submarine deal


Australia’s decision to abandon the $ 90 billion agreement with France on 12 diesel submarines and instead choose to build a nuclear ship with the United Kingdom and the United States is a picture for geopolitics in the Asia-Pacific and the global defense industry. It’s a epoch-making moment.

The new submarine is far more capable than the originally planned fleet and could represent great success for contractors in the British and American defense industries.

Propulsion: Diesel vs Nuclear

The main difference between the new submarines proposed to be made in France is the propulsion technology they use. The ship from France was based on the Barracuda class of nuclear power in that country and had to charge the electric motor with a diesel engine.

One of the advantages is that diesel electric submarines tend to be smaller and can operate quietly by turning off the diesel motor and relying on battery power. However, the disadvantage is that the boat…

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