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Leaving the scene

Leaving the scene: Garden City Police responded to an Adelphi University garage on September 15th where a vehicle left the scene after backing into another vehicle. 

Faulty detector

GCPD and GCFD responded to a residence for a fire alarm on September 15t and determined that the cause was a faulty detector.

Construction alarm

Garden City police and firefighters responded to a Franklin Avenue building for an alarm on September 15th. Upon investigation the alarm was apparently activated by construction in the building.

Excessive speed

A motorist on Rockaway Avenue was charged with unlicensed operation and excessive speed on September 15th.

Rock hits car

A motorist traveling on Stewart Avenue reported her vehicle was damaged by a rock thrown from a nearby worksite on September 16th. 

Multiple charges

A motorist on 10th Street was charged with driving with a suspended license, switched plates, and unregistered…

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