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The Pandemic Real Estate Boom Has Been a Bust For Black First-Time Homebuyers


Javay Frye-Nekrasova wanted to buy a house. Between working from home during the pandemic and itching to start a family with her husband, she realized that they needed more space, preferably a three-bedroom, two-bathroom place. Upon reviewing their finances, the couple determined they had a budget of $300,000.

By the time the two moved from Chester, Pennsylvania to Bend, Oregon last August,they had already been low-key searching for a home to purchase for two years. Not long after their relocation, though, after running into the last in a series of snags that had colored their home-buying process, they put their search on pause — indefinitely.

Frye-Nekravosa hadn’t known all of the steps required to buy a home. When she and her spouse first found a home they liked, they reached out to a realtor, who informed them that they needed to pre-qualify for a mortgage. Then, she had to find another realtor, because, she says, she felt like the first one…

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