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The Subscription Economy Has Officially Infiltrated Gaming


Playing a video game used to require purchasing a physical copy of a title, but in recent years, subscription services, which offer access to a catalog of games for a recurring fee, have altered the industry. New polling suggests these services are here to stay, with most hardcore gamers saying they already use them. Subscription platforms, however, still have plenty of room to grow their customer bases. 

Sixty-two percent of avid gamers (respondents who said they play at least seven hours of video games a week) said they have at least one video game subscription service such as Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox Game Pass or Sony Corp.’s PlayStation Now. (Respondents could select more than one service.)

About Half of All Gamers, 3 in 4 Millennial Gamers Say They Use Subscription Gaming Services

Respondents were asked to select the gaming subscription services they use from a list of options, or to say that they do not have any gaming subscriptions


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