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The Top 5 VPNs To Keep Your Team Safe – Forbes Advisor


There’s a lot of overlap between business VPNs and personal VPNs, but they’re not the same thing exactly.

In terms of how people use them: Personal VPNs are good for streaming, torrenting and securing your online data. Business VPNs are great for connecting with remote workers, accessing other markets and protecting employees using public Wi-Fi.

At their core, they’re still VPNs. They encrypt your online traffic, hide your true location and allow you to anonymously and securely connect to the internet through a network of servers all over the world.

Here’s a closer look at how they differ.

Feature and Pricing Differences

The main differences between personal and business VPNs boil down to what’s under the hood and how much it costs.

Business VPNs usually include a dedicated IP address (or, in some cases, a dedicated VPN server) and a team management console. These features are crucial for managing employees and granting…

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