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The USA, local politics, more `Americanisation’


Sars Cov-2: Responding to all variants

This, of course, is my own simplified sequence of modern-day intervention – both “subliminal” and openly direct – by the United States of America (USA) into our local colonial and post-colonial politics.

(I don’t know how much history of American involvement the young ambitious PNC Turks, not-so-cleverly utilising two/three front Groupings, considered, when attempting to “Americanise” their Party’s “anti-racism” agenda recently. I suspect that given America’s dire pre-occupations right now, the PNC would-be leaders won’t get far with immediate results hoped for. Letters to State Departments, Congressmen or no Congressmen.)

However, since poor President Biden won’t have much time and consideration for the retired Brigadier-PNC Leader Granger, right now it was a useful exercise for the youngsters to front for the Opposition in New York recently. Why?

Because, however long it takes, some element…

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