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The Xbox Mini Fridge Is a Meme Turned into Reality


Memes are known for generating likes and rushes of dopamine, but Xbox is proving that they can also develop products.

This October, Microsoft’s Redmond-based gaming brand fully embraced a long-running internet joke by releasing a mini fridge made in the image of its Series X console. What started as an idea on Twitter has spawned a three-dimensional appliance that will occupy store shelves and delivery trucks in the months to come. It wasn’t a traditional product rollout. “This was definitely a career first,” says Aaron Greenberg, general manager of Xbox Games Marketing.

In 2020, many very-online people noted that Xbox’s latest console resembled a small refrigerator, the kind one might find in a college dorm room and in the vicinity, more than likely, of a video game controller. The gaming giant subsequently manufactured some full-sized fridges—six feet tall, 400 pounds—that hewed to the console’s design specifications, with its…

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