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These 2 new Google scams are easy to fall for


The internet has been a hotbed for scams since it gained widespread use. Some of the earliest tricks involved phishing, in which scammers imitate a known company or service in an attempt to access victims’ credentials or financial information. They also send malicious links containing malware.

Threat actors are still employing scams such as this and getting away with it. A recent one involves emails sent to Office 365 users with a link to a fake website and instructions to log in. Once the victim does this, their accounts are taken over. Tap or click here for more details and Microsoft’s response.

With so much of our lives connected to the internet, scammers don’t even need computers to target victims. They can get in through smart devices, apps and anything else connected to a network. We’ve highlighted two scams that target popular Google services and will also let you know what to look out for.

Fake YouTube…

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