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This $5,000 EV motorcycle has wireless phone charging and costs less than some regular bicycles – see more

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Sondors Metacycle._4 Sondors Metacycle.

  • The Metacycle is an all-electric motorcycle from Sondors, a firm known for electric bicycles.
  • It comes with an estimated 80 miles of range and wireless phone charging.
  • At $5,000, the Metacycle is very attractively priced.
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The electric motorcycle isn’t a new idea – the $30,000 Harley-Davidson LiveWire and $24,000 Tarform Luna are two examples – but the brand-new Sondors Metacycle has at least one thing going for it: an astoundingly low price.

Weighing in at just 200 pounds, the $5,000 Metacycle has an estimated range of 80 miles and offers wireless charging for your phone while you ride, Sondors said in a press release. Given that electric bikes from Harley and Tarform cost far more, the Metacycle’s price alone should make you sit up and pay attention. 

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The Metacycle is the first all-electric motorcycle from Sondors. Sondors Metacycle._1 Sondors Metacycle.

You’ll remember Sonders as a maker of fat-tire electric bicycles. Sondors Bike 1 Sondors e-bike.

You can read the review here!

The Metacycle was designed with an urban environment in mind. Sondors Metacycle._2 Sondors Metacycle.

The bike is largely made from aluminum. Sondors Metacycle._5 Sondors Metacycle.

The frame, for example, is all-aluminum. Sondors Metacycle._4 Sondors Metacycle.

In total, the Metacycle weighs a mere 200 pounds. Sondors Metacycle._3 Sondors Metacycle.

There’s a hub motor that makes a claimed 8 kWh of nominal power and 14.5 kWh of peak power. Sondors Metacycle._6 Sondors Metacycle.

It also makes a claimed 80 pound-feet of nominal torque and 200 pound-feet of peak torque. Sondors Metacycle._7 Sondors Metacycle.

Range is an estimated 80 miles. Sondors Metacycle._8 Sondors Metacycle.

Top speed comes to 80 mph. Sondors Metacycle._9 Sondors Metacycle.

For a city environment, these stats sound pretty ideal. Sondors Metacycle._10 Sondors Metacycle.

You can even wirelessly charge your phone while you ride. Sondors Metacycle._11 Sondors Metacycle.

Oh, and the Metacycle’s battery? It’s removable. Sondors Metacycle._12 Sondors Metacycle.

It can be charged in four hours, Sondors says. Sondors Metacycle._13 Sondors Metacycle.

You can charge the bike at public charging stations, too. Sondors Metacycle._14 Sondors Metacycle.

Sondors says the Metacycle will start at just $5,000. Sondors Metacycle._16 Sondors Metacycle.

You can preorder the bike by going to Sondors’ website. Sondors Metacycle._15 Sondors Metacycle.

Website: Sondors

The Tarform Luna electric motorcycle, on the other hand, starts at $24,000. TARFORM8 Tarform Luna.

And the Harley-Davidson LiveWire starts at around $30,000. Harley-Davidson LiveWire The Harley-Davidson LiveWire

The Metacycle might be lower on power and range, but it makes up for that in affordability. Sondors Metacycle._17 Sondors Metacycle.