Home Tech This electric motorcycle has a super cool new battery

This electric motorcycle has a super cool new battery


An electric vehicle’s fuel comes from its batteries. Those lithium-ion battery cells can be a source of problems if they have defects, like with the recent Chevy Bolt recall. But they’re also a root source for innovation. Automakers can introduce new technology to try to increase their energy density—and thus increase the vehicle’s range, too. 

Today at an event in New York City, Zero Motorcycles, which makes sleek-looking electric two-wheelers, unveiled a new battery architecture that they brag has around 20 percent additional capacity but weighs about 6 pounds less. They’re pairing this power pack with a new iteration of its SR motorcycle, which they also unveiled. 

The new battery system from Zero is housed in a fancy-looking module made from diecast aluminum and polycarbonate. It contains 56 lithium-ion battery cells, which are shaped like rectangular pouches and are roughly half an inch thick. 

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