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Tis the Season for Fraud


Along with the increase in holiday shopping comes another less enjoyable time of the year, increased fraud. Back in the day, train or bank robbing was the criminal enterprise of choice. Next came credit card fraud, which while still an issue, it isn’t nearly as common as some of the newer scams. Today, the internet and phone scams have become the primary methods. According to the FBI, nearly 800,000 complaints were lodged last year, and I would suspect only a fraction of the crimes were actually reported. Seniors alone lost close to $3 billion in these scams. This week we’ll cover some of the more popular scams so that you can avoid them.

1. Internet based scams — These can include Phishing, which is an email from a familiar looking site or sender. They try to get you to enter personal information to confirm information in your account and then steals that information. Another common internet-based scam is a pop-up that says…

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