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Top internet scams from the last 3 months, that you should look out for / Digital Information World

With the internet becoming increasingly popular in the 1990s, people from all over the world jumped onto the world wide web, many websites, online businesses and platforms opened up. The internet surely made life easier for almost all of us, looking back at the times we had no internet really makes us appreciate this invention. The internet sure has its advantage however with its increasing popularity a lot of bad actors jumped onto it and have been trying to harm users all over the world.

Scamming people on the internet has been pretty common for a long time now, scammers usually look for sensitive information such as private data, passwords, credit card/bank account details etc. so that they can make a good amount of money. Nowadays scammers can be found almost everywhere, be it famous social platforms or websites, scammers use a variety of different techniques to actually get people to fall into their trap.

When looking at the…

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