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Top Stories of the Week – NBC 6 South Florida


Here are some of the top stories from the past week from NBC 6 News:

South Florida Hospitals See Uptick in Patients with Flu-Like Symptoms

South Florida hospitals are seeing an increase in patients with flu-like symptoms.

“Fortunately here in the Memorial Healthcare System we do have the capacity to manage volumes that we’re not used to seeing,” Dr. Randy Katz said. “For instance, in pediatrics we typically see this time of year 5,000 patients a month, this past month we saw almost 8,000 patients, so a fairly large increase in volume.” 

Memorial’s Emergency Medicine Director said they’ve had days in which more than 300 kids have come in with viral symptoms.

“It’s been a busy, busy month, particularly for pediatricians,” Dr. Katz said. “There’s definitely a lot of viral infection, not just flu, COVID and RSV. We’re seeing rhinovirus, paramyxovirus and they’re all happening at the same time so…

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