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Tougher environmental policies can create economic winners


No longer concerns for a distant future, climate change and environmental degradation are an urgent challenge facing the planet. And they’re happening now.

According to the 2019 United Nations Climate Change report, between 1990 and 2016, global aggregate greenhouse gas emissions increased by 46.7 per cent. In 2018, the global mean temperature had risen about 1°C above the pre-industrial baseline.

The Australian government has committed to a gas-fired recovery over a green one. Picture: Getty Images

Countries around the world have experienced climate-related disasters including extreme weather like hurricanes, storms, heatwaves and bushfires, as well as slow onset impacts like sea level rise, soil degradation and coral bleaching.

As the US and EU move forward with their green recovery, there was little talk of the climate crisis or the environment in Australia’s 2021 Federal budget.

While Australia’s largest trading partners make bigger and bolder…

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