Home Markets Trading v. Gambling Vol 2: The Rehab By DailyCoin

Trading v. Gambling Vol 2: The Rehab By DailyCoin


Trading v. Gambling Vol 2: The Rehab

  • Day trading has made lots of acclaimed market millionaires and has also led to the loss of funds by inexperienced and overzealous traders.
  • Crypto Rehab: Castle Craig Hospital set up a rehab to treat patients with trading addiction.
  • Though people do not feel it’s that bad yet, this 12 step program could be the key to turning around this ugly trend that has been slowly creeping in.
  • Experts suggest that, due to the ever-growing wave of cryptocurrencies, new users may still fall into the cycle of trading addiction.

As people push to improve their finances, they venture into certain areas to make that extra income. Sometimes, it is an area of speciality, utilizing skills which they have perfected over time, other times, they delve into such areas relying solely on luck. Gambling has burrowed deeply into virtually every financial sector, from sports, to casinos, to reality shows, and especially the financial…

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