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Transmission revamp will reshape the financial world


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The writer is chief executive of Fidelity International

Markets never stand still. In the past year, we’ve seen an explosion in options trading by retail investors, the Spac boom and the rise of digital tokens, used by everyone from Damien Hirst to central bankers.

Most of the world may have been on intermittent pause since March 2020, but the business of transacting is barrelling down a path of unstoppable change.

As with many innovation-fuelled booms, some of these evolutions may fade or change over time. But the common theme of using technology to cut out the middleman and gain direct access to end users started long before the pandemic and is now picking up speed.

Changes like these in the financial world have the potential to reshape the transmission mechanisms that connect it to the real economy.

The remarkable rise of central bank digital…

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