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Twitter Loses Protection Liability Content In India


Tense standoff for Twitter in India continues, after government strips the platform of its user content liability protection

The Indian government continues to turn the screws on Twitter, by removing its liability protection against user-generated content in India.

The Indian government announced the change in a court filing this week, as tension escalates between Twitter and local authorities over that country’s new IT rules.

It should be noted that India’s new rules came into force in May, but digital activists are concerned the new rules will curtail online free speech and privacy in India.

Intermediary Guidelines

India’s new rules (called Intermediary Guidelines) seek to regulated content on social media firms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc.

It seeks to make these platforms more accountable to legal requests for the swift removal of posts and sharing details about the originators of messages.

Social media firms and tech giants also…

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