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‘Twitter to be broadly inclusive’, says Elon Musk at Met Gala after $44 bn take over


Billionaire entrepreneur and Tesla boss Elon Musk was seen at the ongoing Met Gala 2022 along with his mother and supermodel Maye Musk. He was dressed in a black tuxedo whereas Maye donned a long-sleeved red velvet dress for the event.
While responding to a question on what he wants Twitter to be like, Musk said he wants the platform to be “broadly inclusive” after he completes the purchase of the platform. 

He told The Associated Press, “The goal that I have, should everything come to fruition with Twitter, is to have a service that is as broadly inclusive as possible where ideally, most of America is on it and talking.” 

Musk also talked about building as much as users’ trust as possible. The Tesla and SpaceX boss also talked removing bots and trolls from the platform. 

He mentioned, “We have to get rid of the bots and trolls and the scams and everything. Because that’s obviously diminishing user experience…. If somebody is…

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