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Twitter Tweet What A Feat


There’s a new phenomenon in town.

I have learned to Tweet.

Now, I don’t say it’s a ‘phenomenon’ in the sense of ‘a remarkable person’ definition, but rather, another part of it – the definition portion that says ‘a remarkable event.’

So, my first tweet definitely was a remarkable event, especially considering it took about five years and many members of my immediate and extended family hounding me to get out of the ice age with my flip phone and join the iPhone universe.

I must admit, it has been fun and – unfortunately – a little addicting.

Some people like to play games on their phone, some watch videos, others check the weather; there’s so much you can do with them. Now that I do have that iPhone, it’s enjoyable to check on baseball or hockey scores, our local temperatures or even if my dad is getting rain in upstate New York, etc., etc.

Not much for the games, yet, but I never ever thought I would be on Twitter so I…

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