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Uh, You Need Schools for to Work

San Diego Unified Board President Richard Berrera speaks during a press conference at Encanto Elementary. The district reopened classrooms to students whose families have opted to return to in-person instruction. / Photo by Adriana Heldiz

I found this story in the U-T about restaurants and others going to “war” to find employees interesting. It has a lot of good reporting and anecdotes about the upward pressure on wages and the power prospective employees feel, buttressed by subsidies to traditional unemployment insurance that are flowing.

But it only briefly touched on one big issue: Kids are still not back in school full time! The economy will not be fully reopen until that happens. Full stop.

You may think that was settled, but it was not. In San Diego Unified, for example, many elementary students are back four days a week mostly full time, but after-school care is patchy at best. And while some employers are cool with a person not…

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