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Ukrainian politician to America: ‘Please bend the rules’


CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — Ukraine is not a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and, thus, not eligible for their military intervention. One Ukrainian parliament member, however, says it’s time we abandon script.

“We are super grateful for everything but please bend the rules so that Ukraine will stand,” Kira Rudik pleaded Wednesday night on “The Donlon Report.”

“Stand” is what the Ukrainians have managed to do thus far as they’ve slowed down the Russian offensive seven days into their invasion.

Whether they will be able to stand, still, is another question as attacks have only gotten worse: Thousands of civilians and soldiers have been killed and wounded. There are now more than 874,000 refugees seeking safety in nearby countries, according to the United Nations.

Wednesday, the Russian Defense Ministry said Russian armed forces captured the Black Sea port city of Kherson, and after that, a…

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