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Ultra productive

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is a sleek work beast

The new Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is one of the sleekest phones the Korean manufacturer has ever produced, but don’t be fooled. Hidden beneath its glossy sheen is a powerful smartphone that could possibly do away with the need of a tablet. Is this a good enough reason for you to spend your hard-earned cash on it? Read on.


The Note20 Ultra is big, that’s for sure, but its size is just right so that it doesn’t feel clunky in your hands. Its weight isn’t an issue either since it’s not too heavy despite its size. The metallic finish on the back of the phone is a much better alternative than the glass on some of Samsung’s other phones as it didn’t retain oily fingerprints as much. Meanwhile on the front, the Note20 Ultra sports a 6.9″ Gorilla glass display, which Samsung boasts as the toughest ever on a smartphone. Though I didn’t do a drop test, I think it’s safe to assume that this doesn’t necessarily mean the glass is unbreakable and that you can go around dropping the phone willy-nilly. Anyway, why would you do that? The phone looks stylish in whatever of the three colours you choose: bronze, white or black. The only reservation I have about its design is its camera. Remember when all of us made jokes about how ridiculous the iPhone looked with the “three-eyed” camera but then everyone just followed suit? The Note20 Ultra is no different but in this day and age, that many cameras on the back is a normal thing. What I found a little disconcerting was the way the camera protruded significantly from the back of the phone. It fits just right in my pocket, just teetering on the edge of being a little too big, but the protruding camera meant that it awkwardly jutted out in my pocket. It also meant that it was impossible to actually lay the phone flat on its back. Technically, the Note20 Ultra is actually pretty thin, measuring only 8.11 mm, but the camera protrusion makes it feel like it’s larger.


It’s no mystery that the recent years haven’t really brought any sort of groundbreaking developments for smartphones. Despite that, the Note20 Ultra is still a powerful piece of machinery. One of the things it’s built for is productivity meaning that it would have to operate quickly, smoothly and be able to handle tasks that require a large amount of memory. A 12GB RAM may not seem impressive but as I used it over a week or two, it was more than enough so that the phone functioned seamlessly. Being a Note model, it also comes with an S Pen, which not just allows you to make notes but allows you to make air gestures that can control the phone with a simple flick.

The Note20 Ultra is a great companion for someone who’s always working on the go what with its smooth user interface and the S Pen that allows you to make notes and edit documents which you can pass on to your laptop to continue working on it. One of the big factors of being on the go is battery life but I’m happy to say that there’s no need to worry when it comes to the Note20 Ultra. When I used it solely for social media for a day, the battery didn’t even drop to 50%.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy as the old saying goes. Luckily, this phone not only helps you in your work but it’s also a pretty badass phone to play games on. Graphics are crisp on the large screen, and because it is large, controls are easy even for those with pudgy fingers like me. Let’s be honest though, you’ll probably just play multiple rounds of “Among Us” on your commute home.


The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is a powerhouse of a phone that’s great for the working professional, who’s always on the go. On top of that, its stylish look gives you a bit of flair. At B38,900, the price may be somewhat hefty but you’re getting your money’s worth.

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