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Understanding the Current Real Estate Market


If you know anyone trying to buy a house right now, you know that they’re probably having a rough time.

“It’s a little crazy out here. We’ve never had a market exactly like this before. And we’ve had a hot market for about five years. But it’s like pouring gasoline on to a fire at this point,” said real estate agent Justin Hurd. “I’ve always said that when you really need a good real estate agent is when the markets really, really good, or when it’s really, really bad. Back when it was really, really bad, we did about 120 short sales. People really needed us at this point. They really need us again.”

Utah real estate prices have shot up and everyone’s pointing fingers. From Californians moving to Utah, to the cost of lumber, to the pandemic, they’re all pretty common scapegoats for frustrated buyers. The fact is, no matter the cause, the number of homes for sale right now is significantly lower than…

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