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US-China tension rooted in ‘illusion’ but Taiwan risk real: experts


TOKYO — Asia-Pacific countries hoping the U.S.-China rivalry will die down and no longer dominate the region’s geopolitics are likely to be disappointed, experts suggested Friday in a panel discussion during Nikkei’s Future of Asia conference.

“No country in the world really is going to be immune from the direct or the indirect effects of the U.S.-China tension moving forward,” Evan Medeiros, former senior director for Asia on the U.S. National Security Council, saying the tension between the two countries is likely to intensify. “We’re in a new normal. The new normal presents a different geopolitical reality than the past, and it’s going to create risks and costs for others.”

He argued that China’s diplomatic course is unlikely to change even as the country matures. “As China’s capabilities grew, Chinese leaders were looking to use those capabilities in new and different ways that we’re increasingly running up against American security interests and…

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