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Warnings of the coming apocalypse


I recall being told many times over my life that the world is running out of oil. I was told that we need to curtail our energy usage because fossil fuels are a limited resource. Doom and cataclysmic catastrophe were to befall our society if we didn’t change our ways.

I’d like to take a moment to reflect on some historical predictions concerning our limited fossil fuel sources. The following are very real quotes from very real scientists about our world’s oil supply. Pay attention to the dates.

“In meeting the world’s needs, however, the oil from the United States will continue to occupy a less and less dominant position, because within the next two to five years the oil fields of this country will reach their maximum production and from that on we will face an ever-increasing decline.” — Oct. 23, 1919 “Oil and Gas News”

“…oil supply of this country will last only about 15 years.” — Capt. H. A. Stuart, director of the…

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