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Watch out for scam calls


Scam calls. Most of us get them, and we know the subjects by heart: Medicare supplements, extended car warranties, student loan bailouts, credit card rewards, etc.

Occasionally, I get calls where the recorded message urges that I “Press 1 now” for more information or to otherwise respond. I remember reading an article that said pressing 1 would give the caller control of your telephone, so this is something I never do.

I got an email message this week that said my password had expired. There were two things wrong with this: The expiration time had already passed, and the message was purportedly from the same office that had thrown it in my spam file.

Two phone calls over the past couple of months told me that my Social Security card had been involved in a fraudulent transaction in Missouri and was being seized. Social Security never uses email, and I would have received a letter if this case was legitimate.

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