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Ways to Protect Your Investment from Online Frauds


The pandemic has brought several noticeable changes in our day-to-day life. Billions of people around the world stayed in home-quarantine during the prolonged COVID-19 lockdown period. In this period people developed many new habits and/or changed their lifestyles. This change is especially visible in the purchasing trend of the people. The convenience of the system soon caught up and it is adding value for both the customer and the retailers. But it has also opened the door for e-commerce fraud. Let’s dig into this issue and learn some safety tips against e-commerce scams.

What Is E-commerce Fraud? 

E-commerce fraud is in the process of eluding the customers or the retailers. A customer might order a certain product and receive a duplicate copy or a damaged product. There are reports of no product delivery at all after payment. Simply put, e-commerce fraud is the process…

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