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What a $5 trillion economy could mean for Nifty 50


Numerous economists have rubbished the Narendra Modi government’s goal of $5 trillion gross domestic product (GDP) by 2025. But we tried to focus on the positives, taking a more realistic target of 2030. Following a rather conservative approach, we tried to work out how achievable the goal is, and what it would mean for Nifty 50?

A $5 trillion economy for India is absolutely achievable, with a beautiful blend of growth in labour, capital and technology. India is blessed with a large labour pool. It could be an attractive investment destination with the potential to pull in capital in the coming years as interest rates offered by developed countries keep falling. Moreover, the country has strongly focused on technology in recent years as more businesses realize the benefit of cost-cutting through technological innovation and integration.

However, what lacks certainty is the 2025 time frame. For the sake of our…

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