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What are BEC (Business Email Compromise) Scams?


In 2021, FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center IC3, received 19,954 complaints of BEC scams resulting in over 2.3 billion dollars in losses to businesses and individuals in the US.

Business Email Compromise scams primarily target company employees or individuals who are responsible for transferring funds.

For these scams, attackers use either spoofed or compromised email accounts of executives, employees, business partners to make fraudulent payment requests.

These scams are carried out by financially motivated attackers. BEC attacks are also referred to as man-in-the-email attacks. The majority of BEC scam emails do not contain any links or attachments, this allows them to quickly get past email spam and virus protection filters.

How BEC Scams works

What are BEC (Business Email Compromise) Scams?

Using Similar Lookalike or / Spoofed Emails

  • Attackers acquire a domain name similar to the target company name and use email addresses from the acquired domain to send BEC scam emails.
  • E.g. if the…

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