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What China’s economic governance tells global investors


BEIJING, Sept. 5 (Xinhua) — Some global investors have seemingly observed a “turn” in China’s economic governance recently.

In addition to multiple anti-trust probes and data security checks on the country’s biggest internet companies, regulators have imposed tough regulations on the off-campus tutoring sector and stepped up food safety checks on popular food brands.

The intensive regulations across sectors have made these investors wonder: Is there a change of course in China’s policy direction? How will the regulatory moves affect the capital market and China’s economic structure in the long run?

Analysts from global financial service firms viewed the regulatory measures as part of China’s long-standing efforts to make growth more sustainable and inclusive, which will benefit the regulated sectors and the broader economy in the long run.


Entering 2021, the start of China’s new five-year plan period, authorities have stepped up…

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