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What If Real Estate Agents Never Go Back To The Office?


This is the second installment in “The New Normal,” a multistory Inman series exploring what’s returning to normal after the pandemic fades and what will never be the same. Don’t miss part 1, What if the brokerage of the future isn’t a brokerage at all?. And check back tomorrow for the third installment. 

The office has more or less always served as a home base for real estate brokerages. But it’s never been a place that agents and brokers have been tied to all day.

Between showings, client meetings, inspections and more, agents and brokers have become accustomed to working flexibly in different places and from mobile devices. In the wake of the pandemic largely driving people away from the office altogether, a question on many people’s minds as the country returns to a new normal is, will real estate ever make a full return to the office?

The consensus among those in the industry seems to be, sort-of. The office…

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