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What it takes to buy a home in Oklahoma City’s hot housing market


EDMOND — It took Christy and Stewart Taylor six months, but they finally bought a house, one that meets their needs and the needs of the family —  quite a feat in this intense market made for sellers.

Christy, 49, a software developer, and Stewart, 58, owner of Auto Dents in northwest Oklahoma City, wanted a new place for themselves, daughter Shelby, 16, son Jake, 17, and their three dogs, Big Mo, Stella and Karma.

It took some savvy to get ahead of the competition and stand out from the crowds of other would-be buyers. In a move that has become common, they wound up paying more than a seller was asking for a house that fit the family but was less than ideal.

Buyer savvy has been a requirement of the unusual sellers’ market, which has been playing out since just after the coronavirus hit last year. An already low supply of houses melted away on sky-high demand making multiple offers the norm.

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