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What will be the fate of moribund globalism?


Between 1758 and 1760, 103 essays were published under the title of “The Idler” in the London-based weekly magazine “The Universal Chronicle.” The words of Samuel Johnson, the author of 12 of these essays, published in 1758, are striking. “Among the calamities of war are the diminished love and care for truth, and the lies dictated by interests and fostered by foolish naivete.” These words are followed by the 1918 statement of Hiram Warren Johnson, who was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1917. “When war comes, the first loss is ‘truth.'” Could the Russia-Ukraine war be the final blow to the current understanding of “globalization,” which was hit hard by the 2008 global financial crisis and has been fighting for its life since the COVID-19 global pandemic?

If the phenomenon of globalization was imposed on the whole world by the G-7 economies as “the objective is to produce and supply goods for cheap” and if the…

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