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When Scammers Come Knocking at Your Door


If you shop online and/or own a credit card, chances are you have received many warnings about being scammed. From phishing emails to SMS informing you of outrageous prizes or a direct appeal from a member of the royal family from the African continent, it’s sadly quite a long list. Each of these are designed to rob you of your money, and only your vigilance and street smarts can save you.

It’s easy enough to ignore emails and SMS, but what if the scammer comes knocking at your door? This is scary on so many levels, including the fact that they know you, where you live, and possibly even your phone number.

Our quiet neighborhood woke up to news last week that a rider attempted to drop off a Cash on Delivery parcel to one of the houses on our street. Good thing that at that time, the “receiver” was home and she knew that she did not order anything. She did not accept the package and took a photo of the waybill to document…

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