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When Seas and Maps Impact Geostrategy and the Future


Sovereign territory is key for power and for activities. It will most probably remain more or less so in the foreseeable future. Thus, what is the territory over which each state is sovereign? How large is each of them? And where are these territories located? How does the geographical international world look like?

We think we, of course, know the answers to these questions. Certainly, for example, the largest states must be Russia, the U.S., Canada and China. Certainly, European states are strong only in geographical Europe. But what if these answers were wrong? What if the real international and global world within which we live and will live looked quite differently from the representations to which we are most often used?

Using maps, this article focuses on a representation of the world that is coherent with reality. It insists on the importance to consider the seas and sovereignty over maritime territories globally rather than to look solely…

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