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‘Where did the money go?’


CHICAGO – Feuding “Windy City Rehab” partners Alison Victoria Gramenos and Donovan Eckhardt are seeking court-appointed oversight and a financial review of their joint venture because their relationship has “deteriorated,” according to paperwork filed last week in Cook County court.

Gramenos, the designer and host of the popular HGTV show, and Eckhardt, the show’s former lead contractor, are “currently unable to effectively communicate or cooperatively manage Alovan,” the limited liability company they formed in 2017 to flip residential properties, according to Eckhardt’s June 9 filing. “Recognizing this disconnect, Eckhardt and Gramenos have agreed that a receiver should be appointed.” Eckhardt’s attorney on this matter was not immediately available for comment.

Eckhardt said in the filing the receiver is needed to “manage and wind down (Alovan) affairs” and secure legal representation for a 2019 lawsuit…

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