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Why Andrew Cuomo just might win again


His persistent refusal to walk away from the governorship — or to show any doubt about whether or not to seek a fourth term next November drew eyerolls and derision from many Democratic politicians earlier this spring.

But new poll numbers from Siena College suggest that, at worst, the New York Democrat has managed to tread water amid these allegations — and may even be decently positioned to win again in November 2022.

A plurality of New York voters (49%) believe Cuomo should not resign while 41% say he should. And while 48% have an unfavorable view of him (as compared to 44% who see him in a favorable light), that is significantly better than the 40% favorable/52% unfavorable rating for Cuomo in last month’s Siena poll.

There’s also this: When matched with a generic Republican, Cuomo leads 48%-38%. (James, who is rumored as a possible primary challenger to Cuomo, leads 46%-29% over a generic GOPer.)

The data is not all great news for Cuomo. A majority…

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