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Why is Utah’s housing market so ‘insane?’


It’s an issue that’s worrying a mind-boggling 8 out of 10 Utahns — and one that reaches well beyond Utah to other states in the West.

The Deseret News took a deep dive into Utah’s raging hot real estate market and how it fits in to what’s happening in other Western states. With high rankings in numerous national lists analyzing the housing market, the Salt Lake City metro area is a contender for having the No. 1 housing market in the West, competing with other burgeoning areas like Boise, Idaho.

Read more about one Utah family’s struggle to buy a Davis County home and more data detailing Utah and the West’s “insane” housing market here.

Here are five eye-opening takeaways from the Deseret News’ reporting.

  1. The COVID-19 pandemic spurred out-migration from big cities like New York and San Francisco in 2020. Where did they go? A rural Utah valley in Wasatch County ranked near the top of a recent New York Times analysis out of…

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