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Why Now Is a Good Time to Buy Amid Inflation

  • Abraham Anderson says now is a great time to lock down some real estate. 
  • As inflation increases, so does the value of your property but the mortgage decreases, he says.
  • He advises investors to focus on states that have good landlord protection laws. 

Real-estate investing is not as easy as buying stocks or even crypto. Buying property and renting it out has many more steps in between, for one. And a slight miscalculation, especially on rehab costs, can put you in the negative. 

That’s why many real-estate investors always keep an eye on the overall market, which includes indicators like interest rates and buyer demand. Snagging property at the right time is also an important part of making a well-calculated purchase. 

But home values are soaring right now. In 20 major US metropolitan areas, prices rose by 19.7% year over year in…

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