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Why simmering geopolitics favour rare earth supply diversity


Integral but simmering away in the background, like a pot of boiling water on pasta night, it can take a boilover for geopolitics to attract proper investor attention.

At that point it’s potentially too late. The chance to avoid a messy clean-up, or capitalise on an opportunity, has likely already passed.

But those with attention to detail will tell you the visual and audible signs of a boilover are usually there before it happens.

As steam and bubbling are tell-tale signs of a pot that could overflow, mineral strategy and rhetoric can be used to gauge how a nation is feeling about its material supply chains.

Boy, there’s plenty of steam around rare earths supply chains right now.

From the US to the EU to Australia, rare earths – the group of 17 obscurely named metals increasingly important to the high-powered magnets and technologies of tomorrow – are topping the list of critical mineral…

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