Home Markets Why the bond market has become jumpier

Why the bond market has become jumpier


JAMES MADDISON was sure he had scored. As his free kick arced over the wall of Arsenal players, a goal seemed certain. Somehow Arsenal’s goalkeeper, Aaron Ramsdale, got a hand to the ball and kept it out. “Best save I’ve seen for years,” said Peter Schmeichel, a former goalie. Others noted a crucial detail. Before the ball was struck, Mr Ramsdale was on his toes, his weight distributed evenly, ready to jump in either direction. By keeping perfectly balanced, he made a wonder-save possible.

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Balance (or the lack of it) matters in financial markets, just as in football. A market in which bets are slanted in one direction is vulnerable to a big swing in prices the opposite way. Where positions are lopsided traders can be wrong-footed by even a tiny change in sentiment or in the news. Some of the recent volatility in…

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