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Why you shouldn’t install Windows 11 on your old PC


Updates will be disabled on unsupported computers.

There are only a few days left until the official release of the brand new operating system from Microsoft. While some people have already got their hands on early versions of the operating system, others are waiting patiently for the official release scheduled for October 5th. However, a large number of people are likely to be disappointed, because while Windows 10 has been particularly lenient in terms of the hardware it was installed on, Windows 11 on the other hand is more restrictive.

Windows released the toolcomputer health checkWhich allows those who want to check if their PC is compatible with the new operating system. To their surprise, many internet users were denied access to the update due to the incompatibility.

Windows 11 does not support some processors.

Bypass the warning? bad idea

Obviously, tutorials quickly appeared on the web to bypass Microsoft’s restrictions…

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