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Winchester Airport deemed asset to community | Local News


With new members recently joining the City Council, Airport Manager Zachary Colescott recently briefed them about what the Winchester Municipal Airport has to offer.

Colescott said the airport is a strong attraction to the area, and he and his staff are dedicated to ensuring that it thrives.

“We do our best every day to keep this valuable community asset going and growing,” he said.

Colescott said the airport covers about 250 acres on the eastern edge of the city, but its outreach is significantly farther.

“The saying we often use in the aviation industry is that ‘a mile of highway will take you a mile, but a mile of runway can take you anywhere in the world,’” he said. “And while we don’t have airline services like Nashville or Chattanooga, we do see folks coming to our town from all over the place.”

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