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Worcester’s Revolutionary real estate sends me spinning


My Realtor Joe Abramoff and I both graduated from Flagg Street Elementary School a million years ago. When Captain Benjamin Flagg’s house went on the market last week, I begged him for a chance to poke around inside. He was happy to oblige, just as long as I promised not to arrive in full colonial garb. I told him I had purchased a petticoat special for the occasion, but he was concerned I might scare off prospective buyers.

“Scare them off?” I said. “You should be paying me to stand outside churning butter with a sign that says, ‘FOR SALE.’”

He respectfully declined.

Aside from being the oldest house in Worcester — constructed in 1717 — I’m fairly certain Flagg’s house is also a time portal. The wide old-growth heart pine flooring fits together like a puzzle, each board its own unique size and shape, cut with an axe from trees found on the parcel. The original post and beam structure consists of hand-hewn exposed beam ceilings, most…

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