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Wordle getting brand love on Twitter


There are only two types of people on Twitter these days: those who check their phones first thing in the morning, eager to solve the day’s Wordle, a cryptic word puzzle whose grey, yellow and green blocks have flooded social media feeds as of late; and those who absolutely don’t care about Wordle—or their friends’ cube-based scores—whatsoever.

Over the past couple of weeks, corporate Twitter accounts have increasingly started pandering to the former demographic, seizing on the love-it-or-hate-it game’s unique format and consumers’ obsession with it, to drive their brand message home.

It’s not an unprecedented move. Companies, or more accurately, their social media teams, are often adept at keeping track of the cultural zeitgeist and harnessing it for their benefit, whether that means riffing on an popular internet meme or relatably posting about Netflix’s latest original series or, yes, even churning out parodies of an online word…

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