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You’ll Lose Money Buying a House Now

  • Brandon Turner is a 36-year-old real-estate investor who says he’s worth $10 million.
  • He’s the Instagram star behind BiggerPockets, which gives real-estate tips to millions via podcasts.
  • But even he admits that buying a random property will lose you money in this hot market.

Brandon Turner is, in his own words, only “niche famous.” A cross between the self-help guru Tony Robbins and the stock-picking whiz Jim Cramer, but for the millennial crowd, Turner easily flips between the roles of motivational speaker and investment evangelist.

He preaches a simple mantra: Buying up homes and renting them out can be a path to wealth and financial freedom for the masses and an escape from a 9-to-5 grind that, for many during the pandemic, has become all-consuming.

It has garnered Turner a devoted following amid a DIY investment boom cluttered…

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