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Lancashire Constabulary – Three arrested in scam investigation


Detectives investigating scams across Lancashire involving vulnerable victims being conned out of thousands of pounds by people falsely claiming to be police officers have made three arrests. 

It comes as officers continue to warn people to be vigilant after two victims in the East of the county were tricked into buying and then handing over expensive Rolex watches, having cruelly been tricked into thinking they were helping police investigate fraud.

The first incident saw a man in his 50s from Darwen conned into buying a £9,750 Rolex watch (pictured with white face) from a store in Blackburn. The fraudsters, who falsely claimed to be from The Met Police, had told him that they suspected the shop of selling fake Rolex watches and that needed him to help with their investigation. The man bought the watch last Monday (October 4) and a courier came to collect it later the same day as ‘evidence’.

The fraudsters also attempted…

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